Dental Clinics

Shushi Dental Clinic – A border town nearly destroyed by the war, Shushi was the first identified by ACMAO’s board as urgently needing a dental clinic. In May 1998, in joint effort with the Association Dentaire Armenienne du Liban (Armenian Dental Association of Lebanon), the clinic became a reality, serving the town of 4,500 people and its vicinity. The clinic provides free and comprehensive preventive and general dental care to over 350 patients monthly, 150 of whom are children. Almost every school age child in Shushi has visited the clinic and benefited from its care. The Shushi clinic became a beacon to establishing clinics in the isolated mountainous areas of Karabagh, where the needs are great and the necessity for oral hygiene even greater.
Shushi Dental Clinic
Hadrut Dental Clinic – Anyone who had a chance to visit Hadrut understands the beauty and the strategic importance of this southernmost town of Karabagh. During the entire duration of the conflict with Azerbaijan, Hadrut managed not to be a battleground, however due to its proximity to the border and remote southern location life conditions have been difficult. A fact-finding visit to Hadrut in 2000 revealed a dental clinic in total shambles and a community in dire need of assistance. ACMAO worked with the Armenian Medical Association of Quebec (AMAQ), to open the clinic in 2006. On average, 300 patients are served each month in this clinic, over 100 being children. In addition to the regular patients who come for treatment, staff frequently visits local schools to teach children about oral hygiene and preventative dental care.

Mobile Dental Clinic – With the support of the Rotary Club in Ontario, ACMAO initiated a mobile dental clinic in 2006, which served over 3,500 people in rural areas in Karabagh. On average, 250 patients are cared for a month -children and adults, who wouldn’t otherwise have the means to travel to a dental clinic in a major town. The Rotary Club of Ontario and the Armenian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario are the main sponsors of the mobile clinic.


Martuni Dental Clinic – The clinic, established in 2005, is in the beautiful South-Easterly region of Karabagh, known as the “wine country” because of its favourable micro-climate. A fact-finding visit in 2002, revealed a dental clinic operating below standards and in unacceptable conditions. A new clinic was established within the main hospital and serves the entire population of 23,000 people in Martuni. On average 500 patients receive treatment, including 150 children each month. ACMAO, together with AMAQ contributed to the establishment of this clinic.


Martakert Dental Clinic – Opened in 2006, this clinic serves the town of Martakert and its surrounding vicinity with a total population of 19,000. The Martakert region in the North East went through very troubled times during the conflict with Azerbaijan, becoming a battleground for fierce combat and as a result a significant number of residents were displaced. In 2006, efforts were made to revitalize the city and ACMAO and its counterpart AMAQ were invited to start a dental clinic. On average 350 patients receive treatment each month at this clinic, including 150 children.

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