Conflict in Artsakh

Dear ACMAO Members and Friends,

You are surely aware of the tragic events unfolding in Artsakh due to the conflict between Azerbaijan and the Armenian forces. We are continuing to learn of the physical, emotional, and psychological impact of this ongoing conflict on the families and communities in Artsakh.

The Ministry of Health of Artsakh has reached out to ACMAO for support. In consultation and close cooperation with the religious leadership of the Armenian community in Toronto, ACMAO has committed to extend a strong helping hand to the people of Artsakh. We are determined to provide whatever help we can in the area of medical supplies, equipment, and medications as expeditiously as possible.

To this end, we have begun to mobilize key individuals and suppliers in order to secure donations. We are hereby also appealing to you, our members and friends of ACMAO, to help us in this mission should you be aware of any avenues that might assist us in maximizing our impact. Depending on the specific needs of the Ministry of Health in Artsakh, the need to purchase specific supplies and/or equipment may arise. Please email us to arrange donation of medication or supplies. At this critical time, we would also welcome your membership dues and or monetary donations to ACMAO so that we may be prepared for such eventualities. Monetary contributions can be made by clicking the DONATE NOW button below. You will receive a charitable donation receipt for income tax purposes.

It is at this time, more than ever, that ACMAO needs its membership to come together, to unite in the interest of our humanitarian endeavours to help the people of Artsakh.


ACMAO is working with the medical professionals and government officials in Armenia and Karabakh to meet the health care needs of the soldiers and civilians who sustained injuries during the recent violation of cease fire. In addition, we are working collaboratively with other medical organizations, including the Armenian Medical International Committee (AMIC) in order to make the best use of our resources and maximize our collective impact. Your donations can make a significant impact in saving lives and preventing permanent disabilities.
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